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A Fine Finish is a decorative art company using paints, plasters and other media to create exclusive finishes that go beyond standard faux painting.

Have you ever stepped into a drab room that felt depressing? Now imagine walking into an inviting room with charming wall treatments, gilded moldings, or stenciled ceiling. Our goal is to create a finish for you that creates a feeling of warmth, pride, and happiness from living or working in beauty.

Your style might be a quiet glaze treatment or a plaster with movement and drama. With over 100 samples to view, you'll find a finish you love or a starting point for us to design your unique look.

With our training in project and time management, we have the professional as well as artistic skills to make your project a success.

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"Scandalous Murals Create a Big Impression"

Anatomy of a Mural

by Katie Fitzgerald | Follow Her on FaceBook

AFF plaster emerald crocodile wall decorative art interior design.jpg

Creating murals is a great way to dramatically change a room and pique the interest of a viewer. From a traditional landscape in an elegant dining room to colorful animals in a child's room, murals can be tailored to a client's desire with different styles, color palettes, and techniques.

Take a quick, Scandalous ride with me and see all the steps along the way to creating this compelling mural.

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"Outlet Eyesore? Switch It Up with Faux Camouflage!"

by Katie Fitzgerald | Follow Her on FaceBook

decorative art faux camouflage electrical-cover

Let's say you've just spent a large amount of time and energy on a new kitchen remodel. You selected a yummy, patterned backsplash. Then right smack in the middle of that stunning tile pattern is an electrical outlet or switch plate. It's enough to make a design aficionado grumpy.

Fortunately, there's no need to suffer with those offending switch plates.

A little paint, some varnish, a talented decorative artist, and voilà! Problem solved.

Read the full article: "Outlet Eyesore? Switch It Up with Faux Camouflage!".

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